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Our mission is simple: Give more than you take

  1. Our brand is as real as our founder, Uncle Ed. We believe in making high-quality, clean vodka that is about bringing people and communities together to celebrate life responsibly and to give more than we take.

    Some of our Foundational Philosophies are:

  • Be real, authentic and transparent

  • Remain community-driven

  • Be mission-based

  • Focus on waste minimization across the supply chain

  • Live by intentional production

  • Work on ways to create more sustainable packaging

  • Aid clean water missions around the world

  • Create ultra-smooth tasting vodka

Community is everything.

At Uncle Ed’s, we’ve come together with a unifying love for our environment. We’ve crafted a brand of vodka that gives back to movements that help global causes.Ed wouldn’t be involved if he didn’t think he could make a difference. Ed lives a simple, self-sustaining, and unassuming life on his jungle farm, raising organics and rare tropical fruits with his family and wild pig, Tuk Tuk.

Ed demanded that the brand he created be used to try and make a difference in the industry. A clean and simple vodka that is about purpose and responsibility and having a carbon footprint that is as small as possible.