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Off The Grid.

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Ed’s story is our story.


Our founder Ed left the hustle and bustle of what he calls the “matrix” for a simpler life on a sustainable farm off the grid where he tends to and cultivates rare edible delights and natural tonics. He returns only to distill and oversee every aspect of every batch of the vodka that bears his name.

Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka is more than a vodka company. We are a small family business owned and operated by a master in his craft passed down from generations. We are a forward thinking, community driven, for-purpose company that makes incredibly smooth Vodka.

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Our mission is simple: Give more than you take

Our brand is as real as our founder, Uncle Ed. We believe in making high-quality, clean vodka that is about bringing people and communities together to celebrate life responsibly and to give more than we take.

Some of our Foundational Philosophies are:

Be real, authentic and transparent

Remain community-driven

Be mission-based

Focus on waste minimization across the supply chain

Live by intentional production

Work on ways to create more sustainable packaging

Aid clean water missions around the world

Create ultra-smooth tasting vodka

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“Give more than you take.” - Ed

Ed is a widely-proclaimed ethno-botanist, who knows what it takes to create incredibly smooth, naturally gluten-free and GMO-free vodka, his craft vodka is made from some of the world’s purest artesian mineral water found in his home state of Idaho.

But for Ed to work as hard as he does making it, there needs to be so much more to his vodka than what you pour into a glass for great tasting good times. See, Uncle Ed is all about giving back more than he takes. Giving back to the land, back to communities, back to the environment.

WATER is life.

Most distilleries use double the water it takes to make one bottle due to their filtration and RO systems. But Ed’s system is the opposite, only filtering out some of the minerals from the centuries-old artesian well that we are built above. Uncle Ed lives on a farm that relies on rainwater only, so water is truly life for not only Uncle Ed, but the rest of the world as well. It’s why we feel so strongly about our partnership with Waves For Water, who are doing incredible things to help provide clean water access to those in need. We work closely together to figure out ways we can really get involved to be able to track the impact on where our dollars go and how many people we are able to help.

We implore you to become passionate about W4W’s cause and visit their page here: www.wavesforwater.org

Small business with BIG dreams.

We are a small company with a big dream– To bring people together to share life and make memories... all while giving back. Our company is made up of like-minded individuals who have big goals in mind. We are a diverse and far-reaching crew of people who strive to create an amazingly high-quality product with a meaningful purpose. Vodka is the product we sell but it’s not the business we’re in. Like Ed, you can achieve the life that you want and achieve your personal legend. When you follow your legend, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.